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561 EDUSAT Regarding Programme of Water sampling on EDUSAT N/A 2015-05-27
562 ICT URGENT: Regarding Updation of Data on e-Punjab Portal N/A 2015-05-25
563 ICT Most Urgent Regarding Phase: 3 Hardware Stock N/A 2015-05-21
564 ICT Regarding LWP of Computer Faculties N/A 2015-05-20
565 ICT IMPORTANT : Instructions from Head Office Regarding ICT N/A 2015-05-20
566 ICT Regarding Skill Set and AnmolLipi Chart for Computer Lab N/A 2015-05-20
567 ICT Regarding Computer Fees 2015-16 1st Quarter N/A 2015-05-20
568 ICT Corrections of ICT Account Number and IFSC Codes N/A 2015-05-14
569 EDUSAT Interaction of Education Minister with School Heads and Subject Teachers through Edusat N/A 2015-05-14
570 ICT MOST URGENT Regarding ICT UC 2014-15 N/A 2015-05-11
571 ICT MOST URGENT Regarding Computer Fees 2014-15 N/A 2015-05-11
572 ICT Defaulter List: Regarding Updation of ICT Account Information in School Accounts N/A 2015-05-08

Regarding Website Data Updation for Block-Level Meeting

N/A 2015-05-06
574 DSS

Regarding Noise Pollution & Avoiding Use of Recycled Plastic Compettions under Eco-Club

N/A 2015-05-06
575 ICT

Regarding Periods of Computer Sciene & Environment of +1 and +2

N/A 2015-05-06
576 ICT

Defaulters of School Profile.

N/A 2015-05-04

Regarding Female Lecturer Seniority (For any query Contact Mr. Sanjeev Kumar- 9041689112)

N/A 2015-05-04

School Head Password for those Middle Schools has been sent on registered mobile number that have updated their school profile on website. Left Schools kindly update school profile immediatly

N/A 2015-04-29
579 ICT

Regarding Updation of School Profile Data of GMS

N/A 2015-04-27